I'm Nicki Shira Byrne 


 I love the beach, food, yoga, ( and so does Jenny my cat) playing guitar, walking in nature, swimming in the sea, working from my garden, and singing soul music with my amazing musician friends here. I also like meditation and healing and massages.

In the past 10 years, I have toured the world as a session singer with successful bands such as The Commitments, lived in exotic locations such as Koh Phangnan Thailand ( in a tree house), Istanbul and Fuerteventura, developed my own vocal coaching method,  created a successful international lifestyle and career coaching business, and had my first child, Stella.

I love that I can help others to create their own successful careers and lifestyles in a fraction of the time it took me, and at much less expense.

I made ALL of the mistakes and have learned so much that I can share with you through both my own experiences and the experiences of my clients. Please read My Story below for all of the details about my journey

What's different about our coaching programs?

I and my team of experts offer a one stop shop for both emotional, and practical support, during your transition in up-levelling your life and your business. Instead of having a coach for mindset, and one for business and another for confidence, we will work together with you so that we are all connected and that all of your coaching will be lead by me.

I lovingly guide you to connect with your inner voice as your guide, so that you can create your own business model, that suits your life.

As a master manifestor, I have a track record of bringing my dreams to reality, and I can help you to do the same in the most effortless way, so that you can have a wonderful business using your gifts to make your living, while maintaining balance in your life.

I have 35 years of performance experience, and have sang and spoken to audiences from 1 to 10s of thousands. I can help you to build confidence in performing to your audience in far less time, whether that is a coaching client or a Facebook group, a bar full of people or a stadium.

The first and most important thing is I will help you to connect with your inner voice. The voice that speaks to us all in quiet moments and can be accessed at any time to be your guide throughout your transition and beyond.

I am not going to tell you what to do. You are not going to model your business or life on mine or anyone else’s. What works for them is not necessarily gonna work for you. You’ve probably tried other coaching programs that have given you a model to follow and it hasn’t worked right? That’s because the vibration doesn’t match yours. So the best voice that you  can listen to is your own inner voice. This will guide you through your transition to up-levelling your life and business.

The second thing is we are going to do is open doors to you where you can be around the people that will support you and help you to make this transformation, so you will feel like you have full permission to shine like you were born to do. 

You will work with not only me but my team of experts, who will help you with the marketing, and visibility online for your business. I will lovingly lead you and the team and I will be available to you to help you continue to connect to your inner voice, and implement things, is the most effortless way.

My team will not only train you with your marketing and online business needs, but they will also be there for you to be accountable to, so that the practical things are put into place and you make progress with your business plan while we are working together.  

The third thing we are going to do is help you to step into your stardom and feel the power and confidence to have your voice heard and to be visible to the people who value what you have to offer. This will help not only improve your career and increase your income, but also will improve your whole life, your relationships, your health, give you more time and overall balance. 



I was born with a beautiful singing voice, and a lot to say and started performing on stage at the age of 4.  However, when I left school, I went to university to study business studies and later dentistry, and spent 10 years of my life working in a "real" job as a dental assistant, where I was to work in silence & be seen and not heard in the dental surgery.

I was also the youngest by 8 years of 3 children, and at the dinner table, the "adults" did all the talking, and I found that when I spoke, no one ever listened to what I had to say.

Unfortunately, that carried over into adulthood, as I was always the baby, even at 40!

I couldn't hear my Inner Voice

Throughout my time as a dental assistant, I always felt sick when I woke up in the morning. I struggled to make sense of working 40 hours a week in a job that took me 20 hours to do. I didn't relate well to my colleagues, and I spent my days watching the clock, so that I could get to my next rehearsal or gig.  I NEVER spoke up to anyone, because I just assumed that this was how life was meant to be. 

I kept myself so busy with work, singing at gigs, rehearsals, and an active social life, that I could not hear my own inner voice SHOUTING at me over and over " GET OUT!!!" 

One day, during a meeting with my boss, I cynically told her that I did not want to work as a dental nurse anymore, and that I would probably just get married and have 10 kids.  She advised me to quit my job and become a full-time singer. And this shocked me!

I only made €50 or less per gig and I could never live on that salary!

It took me 2  more years of putting up with the pain of staying silent and being in "the wrong life"  to do anything about it, and it was only when I took a 1 year sabbatical in Thailand, where I literally did NOTHING except yoga and being in nature,  to hear exactly what my Inner Voice was telling me, and to act on it.

I already had the confidence to be visible as my "alter-ego' Shiramisha...the singer, who dressed differently, wore more make-up and was a channel for a singing voice that only ever got heard with the support of my musicians, a stage to stand on, fancy lights and an audience to listen to me.

So Shira took herself to a neighbouring Thai island, where she presented herself as a "Rock Star" and landed her first full-time job as a singer with a Soul and Reggae band, playing in Koh Samui's 5 star hotels.

That was almost 10 years ago. Since then, I have worked all over the world with touring bands, I've done many recording sessions, moved countries 3 times and started up new projects that have supported me financially.  I have been a stand -in singer working with up to 15 bands at one time and I have taught people to sing both at my own Singing School in Dublin and Online with a program that I developed from scratch! 

I was not valuing myself  

While I was doing what I loved for my living, I had no idea how to charge my value, and was making so little that I had no balance in my life at all. No personal life. No time for friends or family, no boyfriend. Just work!

I burnt out.... more than once and I got sick....so sick that I had to quit singing and touring for a year and I had to spend almost all of my money on people to help me.....a cleaning lady, alternative health care, regular yoga sessions, books, doctors, medication, healers and .......A Life Coach 

Sharing My Own Authentic Voice 

I had hired a business coach to help me create an online vocal training program, but it only dealt with my business skills, and I still had the old mindset of  working hard to earn more. 

When I hired my Life Coach, Grace Kelly,  she worked with me on my health alone for the first 3 months. This gave way to her helping me to turn my inner voice into a clear message, and to gain the confidence to share my true voice with only those who valued what I had to offer.

I finally felt as though I had an audience to listen to ME and I realised that I had so much more to share with people than just singing and vocal coaching. 

Big changes started to happen in my life....

I got engaged to be married to the love of my life

We moved from Dublin to Fuerteventura with our cat Jenny ( who was an amazing traveller!)

I closed my Dublin based Singing School and went into Lifestyle & Career Transition Coaching completely online!

I created an International Community online

I spent a Summer gigging for fun and singing the songs I love, after many years of being told what to sing

I started to work face to face on Fuerteventura with clients who flew in specially to work with me on VIP Intensive days.

I helped others to access their inner voice, get it our and become confident enough to be visible, so that they could make the transition into a successful career using their gifts and creating their own amazing, dream lifestyle.

I became pregnant and am due my first child in May 2017!