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During this call we can:

During this call I will help you to :

  • discover how you can best use your unique gifts and talents

  • dive deep into your current lifestyle and discover what is blocking you from having your dream career and life

  • learn how to get your voice heard so that people know who you are and you attract work using your gifts

  • get clarity on your next steps to take so that you can start living a lifestyle that is in tune with your gifts & passions

  • experience effortlessness in your life and in your voice, whether for speaking, writing or singing or any form of communication

  • explore exit strategies from your 9 to 5 so that you can make your passion your REAL job!

  • feel more energy, motivation and joy in your life

  • create more time to do other things that you love, like spending time with family, travelling and living where you want!

If you want to start using your unique gifts to make your living and create a more balanced lifestyle, let's talk! 

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Taj Bell-Original Artist- Dublin, Ireland

Nicki Shira Byrnes provided a very thorough complete holistic consultation for me. She assessed my full octave range and my skill level and provided tips on areas where I can improve and my strengths as well. She really put me on track with my singing career and gave me full confidence that with dedication that I could reach my vocal goals! She really got to me as an artist and as a person striving to thrive in the music business. She was gentle kind and I felt like I was having a chat with a friend. She really got to the root of what has been holding me back in my career. So do it sign up for your free consultation you have nothing to lose and everything to gain in getting to know the real obstacles that are holding you back as a vocalist.You'll probably even learn things about yourself and your subconscious in regards to your focus in your career and what's been stopping you from achieving your goals as I did with Nicki's holistic approach to singing! Nicki Shira Byrne is a star! You owe it to yourself to get that consultation.

Taj Bell-Original Artist- Dublin, Ireland
Johanna Lindgren- Professional Wedding & Events Singer- Mallorca Spain

My name is Johanna. I have been singing alongside day jobs for over 10 years. In October I decided to quit my day job in a boutique and focus only on my singing and music career. I knew I had to do it but didn't know exactly how. I want to be independent and I want to be me!

I found Shira on Facebook and she was the support and inspiration I so much needed! After a long Skype chat with her, things just started to unfold as by magic! She gave me that spark and the focus that I have been lacking for too long. Now I am working with a project that includes a a big concert with over 10 musicians! I'm also building my own business which will be a platform for all these musicians (including my self) to get booked for gigs. I am buzzing with new ideas and new energy! Shira boosted my self confidence, She helped me with tips and ideas for my new business and also to stay focused! I can't thank her enough!

Johanna Lindgren- Professional Wedding & Events Singer- Mallorca Spain
Shruti Mogre- Healer and Coach

I really loved working with Nicki. Its like her authenticity pours out of her. She has this amazing quality of engaging and connecting with people.
And I feel that is a skill that not many people have..she takes you through step by step guided procedure which you can find in a high level programs..she gives you all on a genuine level.
I am really happy connecting with Nicki..and will definitely look forward to working with her again..if you want a genuine approach and someone who really cares for you as much they care for themselves to guide you step by step in your journey..then you are in the right place..as she does her business not mere for selling..but with her genuine purpose for helping people by pouring out her feminine love,understanding and caring attitude.Also I am deeply fascinated with the power of words that she uses..it goes as if in your subconscious mind..and starts implementing things instantly..I cannot recommend her enough..if you want that authentic voice that genuine care..then you should definitely work with her because she cares about your success..and that my friend is very rare..she is a kind spirit..and I am glad I could connect with her..Sending you all my love and Angel blessings…

Shruti Mogre- Healer and Coach, Live Your Dream Life
Angela Durrant

I’ve only recently met Nicki, well she actually met me first. We were both asked to contribute to a website as top coaches in our field.

Nicki taught me something straight off before I had even met her. That reaching out to others is part of the game. She reached out to me and we met on skype and had an amazing 2 hour conversation.

I saw something in Nicki I really liked and wanted to get to know more. Firstly she was not some stuck up, guru type I know it all vocal coach (hopefully neither am I – but with so many claiming that title it was a breath of fresh air).

Secondly she was already doing what I had promised myself a few years ago I would do. Take my knowledge and expertise to a wider field. I got inspired listening to how she did it, and realized that actually I had most of the pieces but not all in the right order.

When we get to that stage it’s easy to give up, resigning ourselves to the “one dayers” – however Nicki is truly out to help other vocal coaches and not fleece them so they can do the same before they burn out or give in.

I for one am really glad she reached out and continues to do so. A lesson to us all to make time and space to work with those that inspire us and challenge us to raise our game as well as our influence. Thanks Nicki!

Angela Durrant, Vocal Coach- Wales