My JUICY secret to a successful singing career, revealed in this video!

Learn How I Travelled The World, As A Singer, Made Two Albums And Worked With 15 Different Bands, All Without Ever Having A Website Or Facebook Page!

Watch this video to hear about my journey, how I got through it, and how you can too.

Has this video given you the insight on how you can step into your stardom lifestyle and business?

Now it’s time to take some of what we have gone through here and implement it.

Though if that seems like a lot for you to do alone…

… maybe you don’t have the time,

… or maybe you’re just not in the right space to connect with your inner voice right now;

Don’t worry!

I’d like to offer you a helping hand.

I don’t want you to spend 5 or 6 years
like I did, trying to figure all this out.

I also don’t want you to invest thousands of dollars or euros on wasted coaching, products or any other shiny objects that may not help you get your business and life where you want it!


Thankfully, there is an easy and simple next step that you can take with me, today!


I want you to feel supported in your journey as an entrepreneur and give you the confidence to share your creative ideas, your passions and your talent with people who will value you.


I want to help you get unstuck...


… get away from the turbulent thinking that you're experiencing and leave you feeling calm and clear.

I will get you clearer on your next steps and motivated to start taking them right away, so you can start your new way of life and business today!

I have 11 places in my diary that I've opened up for a new and unique

1 hour Guiding Star Strategy Session with me

Get ready to step into your stardom and create a superstar life both on stage AND behind the scenes in your business .... 


Because I don’t believe there’s such a thing as

“starving artist syndrome”

Sign Me Up!I am ready to crush the business side of entrepreneurship

These 1 hour intensive sessions are usually €485


but for a limited time only, you can work with me one-on-one for just €97!


I’m offering this 80% discount because it’s my mission to help and support more artists.


I’m living my DREAM LIFE, and I KNOW that you can too!

That’s €97 to:

  • feel supported in your journey as an entrepreneur and help you gain the confidence to share your creative ideas, your passions & your talent with people who value you

  • get unstuck now, get away from the turbulent thinking that you are experiencing and leave you feeling calm and clear

  • get clearer on your next steps to take and motivated to start taking them right away, so you can start your new way of life and business today!

YesLet's do this!

How long have you been worrying and stressing about your business?


Wouldn’t it feel good if you could invest just one hour in yourself and come away feeling calm, clear and motivated on your next steps?


If all we did was give you a sense of inner peace and calm, wouldn’t that be worth it?


Have you invested in coaches, programs and other shiny objects that have possibly left you feeling even more overwhelmed?


Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the clarity to know what your next steps are, so you can start moving forward with your business and life right away?


If all we did was get you doing LESS, wouldn’t that be worth it?

How long have you been telling yourself that you are going to get help?


So that you can concentrate on what you’re good at, like singing, or coaching, and have time for the other areas of your life like family, friends, or travel?


If all we did was re-balance your life, without losing a single step in your business (likely making MORE), while enjoying time at home with loved ones, wouldn’t that be worth it?

But hold on! We’ve never met!

How do you know I can help your particular situation?

Or maybe you have some questions before you invest.

Here are the most common questions I’ve been asked, and if you don’t find your question, then please feel free to email me directly at


Q: I’m not a singer, or a vocal coach. Will a Guiding Star Strategy Session work for me?

A: Yes! These sessions not only help singers and vocal coaches, but any service providers, such as coaches, healers, therapists, yoga teachers, etc.


Q: I’ve got more than one business. Will this session help me?

A: Yes. While we can talk about your various businesses, we can also try to home in on which ones are working best for you so you can put your focus there and get better results.


Q: I like running the business side of things, but it can get overwhelming. Will this session help me?

A: Yes! While I managed to have a 20 year long successful singing career, without a website or Facebook page, this is merely an example of how I ran my business. You can have your business however you want it, and I will help you get clear on what works best for you, without being overwhelmed


Q: I feel like I’m too old to have a successful music career. Can you help me?

A: Hell yes! Having a music career at any age is not an issue.  I can help you tap into your confidence again and you will be feeling as well as you did at 18!


Q: I don’t have a lot of money to invest in my business. Will this work for me?

A: I started with nothing. And believe me, there are most definitely always ways that you can create money to put into your business, so that you can grow it faster. So let’s speak!


Q: I am working part-time as a singer, but would like to make a full-time living. Is this session for me?

A: Whether you want to work full-time or part-time, this session will give you the confidence, clarity and motivation to get ahead and unstuck with your business, however you want it.

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Johanna Lindgren

“After our Strategy Session, things just started to unfold as if by magic! Nicki gave me that spark and the focus I have been lacking for too long.

I am buzzing with new ideas and new energy! Nicki boosted my self confidence. She helped me with tips and ideas for my new business and also to stay focused”

Johanna Lindgren Emme Music and Wedding & Events Music Business
Eileen Quashie

“THANK YOU for our brilliant strategy session last weekend. I just wanted to take the time to let you know that I gained so much clarity during our conversation, that I’m feeling much more confident about the ways in which I love to serve and how I’d like to incorporate these into my work.”

Eileen Quashie Singer-Songwriter, Holistic Vocal Coach


And if you are still not convinced that this Guiding Star Strategy Session is for you, then how about I give you a 100%, no questions asked refund, if you are unhappy in anyway with your session?

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