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If you have made it to this page, then you are obviously a person who would like to make singing a bigger part of your life. I am Nicki Shira Byrne, and I know what it is like to LOVE TO SING! 

It's like we wake up every morning with this need to open our mouth's and just sing. And for some of us it is easy and for others it can feel more difficult.

I have been singing my whole life ( I think I could sing before I could talk), and I have had so many vocal coaches, both face to face and online.  But I never found one that really delivered everything that I really needed. And this is why I created my lifetime access Vocal Coaching Program Step into Your Singing Stardom.

For me this program ticks all the boxes!

Why this Program Works!

  1. It's flexible- no committing to weekly classes, commuting to a studio or losing missed classes because you couldn't get a baby sitter.
  2. It's fast- you should see results in 90 days, or let's face it.....take up football! Gone are the days of going to a coach for years and years. I want you to learn everything you can as fast as you can, so that you can build confidence in your voice and as a person and move forward quickly.
  3. You can be anywhere in the world!- The power of technology means that you can be at home, in your office or studio or even on your tour bus or hotel, and still have your vocal lessons when you need them!
  4. It's great value!-Weekly lessons can become expensive. With lifetime access to over 18 hours of vocal coaching videos, plus extras the cost of this program is far more economical

You are in the right place if: 

  • You LOVE singing! ( du, no brainer!)
  • You are a professional or semi-professional singer
  • You are a hobbyist singer
  • You don't sing but would like to start



Step into Your Singing Stardom will help you to:


  • Discover the 3 steps to singing effortlessly
  • Stop struggling with not getting results
  • Learn to Identify and End Vocal Strain for good
  • Increase Your Range and have Freedom with your Voice
  • Increase Vocal & Performance Stamina
  • Sing in Perfect Pitch
  • Become a more Inspirational and Powerful Performer
  • Create your own authentic vocal style
  • The exact process on how to take a song from bedroom to stage or recording studio

........all this and much much more!


What is Singing Bliss? 

Singing Bliss is the experience of singing effortlessly every time you perform, making you a more confident, powerful and inspirational singer

My 3 Step Formula to Singing Bliss from Nicki Shira Byrne on Vimeo.


Why is this Programme for You? 

  1. 97% of participants generated results such as, increased vocal range,  a decrease in vocal strain, increased vocal and performance stamina, improvement in pitch after taking the programme                                                                                                            Disclaimer: Results depend greatly on the amount of work that each individual put into this programme. These results are based on those who worked on their voice for approx 30 mins per day or more.
  2. This programme is especially for you if you’ve engaged in vocal coaching in the past but failed to generate the desired results
  3. This programme is a accumulation of 8 years of coaching with real singers just like you. Nothing contained in this training is “theory”. Instead, every ounce of content that you’ll receive has been extensively field tested and has been PROVEN to work.
  4. Unlike some other online programmes, this is not going to overwhelm you with a lot of random information. It is fully systemised. It follows a formula in itself module by module, and you build upon each section. This is my most concise and condensed program.

Do you desire to experience deeper confidence as a singer and performer but constantly struggle with the following:

  • Vocal strain

  • Low Stamina

  • Lack of confidence

  • Limited Range

  • Lack of Control over your Voice

Have you had vocal coaching in the past and been disappointed with the results? 


If the answer is yes to one or both of these questions, then this programme is definitely for you

Here Nicki Shira Byrne speaks about how there are only 3 Steps to Singing Bliss


By the end of this programme you will:

  • Have a complete understanding and awareness of how your voice works and why mindset is crucial to singing success
  • Learn how to identify and prevent vocal strain and all other vocal problems
  • Increase your range and create your own vocal style, so that you can sing the songs that you want
  • Become a stronger performer using emotion and feeling so that you can connect with your audience
  • Develop the confidence to step into the next level of your singing

What you will receive

On Purchasing Step into Your Singing Stardom you will receive over 18 hours of vocal training delivered as 12 modules, assignments to support your growth after each module, an in depth self assessment to ensure you’ve covered everything, and ensure your goals are met.


You will receive over 18 hours worth of tried and tested and  vocal training , PLUS the following bonuses:

Bonus 1: 1 x 45 Min  session with vocal coach and ex-Shira student Plinny Phoenix of Better Voice Now to be used any time  within 90 days of purchase  ( valued €100)

Bonus 2: lifetime access to the video programme so you can avail of it in your own time , from the comfort of your home, hotel room or tour bus! ( over €2,250 worth of coaching)

Bonus 3: healthy extras  bonus, which will help you with your lifestyle, as this has a direct impact on your voice (Valued at €300)

Bonus 4Access to our private members only Facebook support group where you can have the support with other singers who are on programmes and with Nicki Shira.

Here’s How this Program differs from other vocal coaching programs

  • You will have lifetime membership access to the entire programme
  • A members only Facebook page, where you can get support from others on the same program
  • Not only will you achieve your singing goals, but you will learn how to become your own vocal coach
  • Our holistic approach to singing, treats the whole body and mind, so this programme will not only help you achieve your singing goals, but it will also help you step into your stardom in your life, making you a more confident person and allowing you to live a life that is more in alignment with your true purpose.

If you were to work with me one to one, you would need to spend up to 2 years working weekly together to get all of this information 

It would cost you up to €7,000 to get full results!

The cost of the this lifetime access program is just 595


You will receive instant access upon payment


Check Out What Other People Are Saying About The Shira Alternative Vocal Coaching Method


With the help of Step into Your Singing Stardom, in only two months, I’m singing better, without any strain, even after hours of gigging or rehearsing. I’m more confident and I have started two music projects and am performing around the city. Only a few months ago I thought it was pretty impossible and now I'm surrounded by music and I'm doing what I love.

Plinny Phoenix
Plinny Phoenix International Session Vocalist
Red Roxy- Professional Worldwide Singer and Performer, France
Ionut Tecuceanu- Professional Busker, Dublin, Ireland

I had 17 performances in 25 nights ahead of me and only about 5 weeks to prepare. Being very aware of the demands I was facing vocally I decided to use the Shira Alternative Vocal Coaching Method.

I got through those 17 shows with little or no vocal strain! All thanks to Nicki & Shira Alternative Vocal Coaching!

Kevin Doyle
Kevin Doyle Lead Vocals - The Elvis Presley Story - The Return of the King

I wish that I had discovered the Step into Your Singing Stardom programme years ago, back when I first started singing. I could have avoided a whole lot of frustration and pain! Every module is a new eye opener, as I discover more and more about my voice and understand how it works and why my years of trying to force it to work had been holding me back so much. I can't begin to explain the joy of singing without strain! Its also incredibly helpful to have lessons which make you relaxed, comfortable and, I have to say, are a really good laugh! Gone are the days of awkward classes where I leave feeling even more confused than I started, thanks so much!

Ben Hellings
Ben Hellings Lead Singer & Songwriter Long Dead Signal

Inci- Worldwide Traveller and Hobbyest Singer


Before I began Shira's 12 week intensive programme I was having difficulty with vocal strain and was finding that my stamina needed work. Especially while gigging heavily in cover bands during the summer months. I felt like I was doing damage to myself on a daily basis and needed to go back to basics in order to progress.
Since completing the course I have learned how to keep my voice safe and ready to work more often. I now look at my voice in a completely different way and have learned how to check in and be sure everything is running  as smoothly as possible.
Shira's method tackles not just the voice but the whole body and looks at the singers lifestyle in order to address problems and reach goals.
I found it very thorough and easy to work with.

Doireann Waters- Singer-Songwriter
Doireann Waters- Singer-Songwriter Squawkabout

Marloes Wesselingh- Hobbyist Singer- The Netherlands

The Step into Your Singing Stardom video programme was extremely helpful. The detail in which everything was explained was second to none. It's the true work of a real professional knowing full well what she's talking about.

David Cullen - Lead Vocalist
David Cullen - Lead Vocalist Element X

The Step into You Singing Stardom Video Program by Shira Vocal Coaching is by far the most relaxing and methodical singing course I've ever done. All in my own time and better than an hour's nap, or any Yoga.


Ivan McCloskey Hobbyest Singer- Ireland

Testimonials from Step into Your Stardom Weekend Intensive in Dublin 2015


You will receive instant access upon payment