Shooting Star 3 Hour Intensive

I am about to go on maternity leave to have my first baby! And so time is running out and so is my energy, meaning that I am no longer available to offer One Day Intensives on Fuerteventura for the foreseeable future.

However, I understand that some of you need my help RIGHT NOW to get you UNSTUCK in your life and career. Which is why, I have opened up just 3 spaces for online intensives, which are available to be used for 1 month only (21st March until 21st April)

I am offering just 3 of you an opportunity to do an Online Intensive ( via video calls), where I will help you with the following:
  • We will go through your business thoroughly, where it is now and see what is working and what is not
  • I will help you to create a lifestyle and business plan for 2017 that will get you unstuck and lead you to more JOY, FREEDOM, MONEY and TIME to do the things that are important to you in your life
  • I will help you to connect with your intuition and YOUR mindset, so that you can take the next steps to creating a business that thrives as well as having the balance that you deserve from your lifestyle


This 3 hour online Intensive is suitable for the following person:

  • you are a singer, vocal coach or other serviced based individual, who has committed to swapping your 9 to 5 for a career using your gift, but it is not working
  • you are very talented at what you do, but lack the business skills to create a stable income
  • you are finding the transition overwhelming and are getting burnt out and would like to design a more balanced lifestyle with money and time for the things you want from life
  • would like to speed up the process of your transition while saving time and money 



Stellar V.I.P.  Days

One or Two Day Intensives, in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.

img_7821Imagine hopping on a plane to a sub-tropical island off the North Western coast of Africa, to work with a coach on your Lifestyle and Career Transition Plan!

 Well, as bizarre as this may sound,  I believe doing just that is the secret to unblocking you from whatever it is that is stopping you from reaching your full potential in your life, and from living your life fully in tune with your unique gifts!

img_7844Sometimes, taking time to retreat from life, incorporating it with a holiday or mini break, along with new vibes, fresh energy, nature, new people and some sunshine, is the tonic that is needed to help you break away from the old thought patterns that are keeping you stuck in the same old rut of....." I want to change my career but where to start?" or "I want to get more jobs using my gifts but don't know how" or"I want to make my hobby into my business, but am too scared to leave my day job".

Tailor made V.IP. Intensives are the fastest way to work on the areas that you find to be your biggest challenges and to get you unstuck straight away.

 I will devote a full day or even 2 to you and you alone so that you feel fully supported and can gain clarity and direction. Intensives can work on both your career and lifestyle.

These intensives take place in the year round sunshine of Fuerteventura on the Canary islands, where you can also double it as a holiday.nicki beach winter

During this full day, dedicated to you, we can cover areas such as:

  • Develop a new mindset that will allow you to live the life of your dreams
  • Learn how to overcome your fears and finally step into the life that you deserve
  • Learn tried and tested Business Skills and strategies to move to your next steps in your business
  • Work on your Presence and Visibility online and off
  • Improve your vocals and develop an authentic, effortless singing or speaking voice
  • work on clear communication of your message, so that the right people understand what you have to offer
  • Increase confidence in your voice and in your abilities to have a successful career in singing or any area where you use your voice to make your living
  • Get clear on your goals and how to take the next steps to move forward

Please book a complimentary consultation so that I can discover your most immediate needs and tailor make the day that suits you best

 Investment Starts at €2,595 


I now have just one place left on a VIP Intensive Day, to be taken in February or March 2017

Discount investment is €1,500 

Ben's V.I.P Intensive

Meet my client and friend Ben Hellings, who hails from Wales but now lives in Barcelona.img_7847

Ben works 70 hours a week as a bike tour guide in Barcelona for 5 months of the year. This allows him to spend his winters travelling with his wife, but takes him away from his first love of music and burns him out each year

He made his 2nd trip to Fuerteventura recently and spent 2 full days with me working on both his voice and his plan for his new lifestyle and business, where he could travel the world with his wife while making his living from his gifts, which included music.

While here, Ben got a feel for what a balanced life looked like as he stepped into it immediately. He also learned how to create a solid plan that he could implement as soon as he returned home, and has plans to book gigs while travelling this Winter, that will financially support his trip and allow him to work less next Summer, if at all.

Ben & I also worked on his financial plan for a full year which gave him the confidence to start living the life that he and his wife dream of, and will also support her too!

 If you relate to Ben's story, please email me at where we can set up an appointment to see how a One Day Intensive might help you with your own career and lifestyle transition

Note: I currently have 3 dates available for February and March 2017 and will not be taking on any more bookings after 11th March due to my maternity leave. 


 Group Intensives


Check out this short video film on location at a recent weekend intensive retreat that took place in the infamous Westland Studios, Dublin, Ireland....home to Bono & U2, Kate Bush, Hozier, Van Morrison and many more

This video also includes interviews with some of the participants who travelled from the U.K., Sweden, Italy and Ireland.

These life-changing retreats are a perfect way to leave your routine behind, immerse yourself in the energy of your idols and like-minded individuals, and come out with fresh ideas on how to transition into a successful singing career.

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