with Nicki Shira Byrne

90 Day Tailor-Made Lifestyle and Career Transition Program



Change Your Tune, Change Your Life

If you have a gift, and would like to create the career and life of your dreams, then read on!

You are in the right place if you:

  • know you have a gift but are not making it the main focus in your life
  • you feel unhappy and unbalanced in your life and don't know what you can to do to make increase your happiness and live the life you were meant to
  • you are in the process of transitioning into a career and life that is in tune with your gifts but would like to speed up the process and do it effortlessly
  • you have transitioned into a job that is more in tune with your gifts but you are struggling to make the living you feel you deserve and would like to increase your earning potential 
  • you are following your intuition to use your gifts to make your living but are overwhelmed, burnt out and have no time for anything else in your life


The 4 Essentials to a Successful Career Using Your Gifts

This Program is your one stop shop for ALL 4!

  • Talent-Whatever your gift is, be it singing, speaking, or writing, this is the foundation to a successful career using your gifts. 
  • Training-If you owned a shop you would insure it against damage, theft fire etc. It is exactly the same with your gift. As your it is the basis of EVERYTHING for a career using your gifts you must protect your most valuable asset and also maximise it so that you will always do the best job. Whether that is vocal straining or a writing course, train your talent!
  • Experience-The more often you do anything, the more confident you become. The same is true for using your gifts.  Experience will build confidence.
  • Action-Putting your thoughts into action is key in moving forward in your career and having a life that is more in tune with your gifts


During  this tailor-made program you will:


  • Discover what your unique gifts
  • Explore and find what is blocking you from moving forward in your career and having the life you truly desire
  • Experience effortless accomplishment and understand how the least effort will bring you the best results
  • Build confidence immediately
  • Create a step by step tailor-made plan to help you transition into a successful career and the lifestyle you deserve while using your unique gifts
  • Learn to change your mindset so that you can continue to make the best choices, take action and have continued success, even after the program finishes
  • Improve your health and create a more balanced lifestyle
  • Discover how to get your first paid job, even if you feel that your options are limited
  • Increase your earning potential, and feel valued for your work  if you already have an existing business
  • Get over your money issues- learn tried and tested methods that will give you peace of mind to make the transition from salary to self-employment
  • Explore exit strategies, to help you move from 9 to 5 to your dream career, without going broke or freaking out
  • Have full personalised support and guidance to motivate you along your journey

 All of this and much more!


Why is this Programme for You? 

  1. 97% of participants generated results such as, more confidence, better health, a more balanced lifestyle, a feeling of well-being, less stress, and increased income after taking the program
  2. This program is especially for you if you’ve been thinking about starting a career using your unique gifts but are too scared or don't know where to start.
  3. This program is also for you if you are already using your gifts to make your living but you feel undervalued and is not getting paid enough to live your desired lifestyle.

Would you love to make your living from your unique gifsts but find yourself thinking the following?:


  • it won't pay well
  • I am not good enough 
  • I wouldn’t know where to start
  • I have a family to support
  • I don’t know anyone in this field
  • I am not confident enough to get put myself out there
  • I feel I will get burnt out

Do you find yourself experiencing some or all below?:

  • You hate your job
  • You are always sick because of the stress 
  • You have no time for anything because you work so much
  • You feel tired all the time
  • Your relationships are not good
  • You suffer with anxiety
  • You are over weight 
  • You are not happy 
  • You feel like your are not living your life on purpose


If the answer is yes to some or all of these questions, I understand what's happening for you. I have been there too!


My Own Story

How I transitioned from boring dental nursing 9 to 5, to worldwide session singer, vocal coach and now transformational coach and mentor helping others to transition into a life that is more in tune with their gifts.

 I have been on stage performing since the age of 4. However, when I left school, I went to university to study business studies and later dentistry, and spent 10 years of my life working in a "real" job as a dental assistant.

During those 10 years, I felt like I was really in the wrong life!

I was always sick when I woke up in the morning. I struggled to make sense of working 40 hours a week in a job that took me 20 hours to do. I didn't relate well to my colleagues, and I spent my days watching the clock, so that I could get to my next rehearsal or gig.

Although I had the talent and was even working with a band part-time, I was not aware that I could make it my full-time career, until I took the advice of my boss to put 100% into it. It took me a further 2 years to do anything about it, and a further 1 year sabbatical in Thailand to really give me the push I needed to finally make the transition from day job to singer.

That was almost 10 years ago, and I have not looked back. Since then, I have worked all over the world with touring bands, I've done many recording sessions, moved countries 3 times and started up new projects that have supported me financially.  I have been a stand -in singer working with up to 15 bands at one time and I have taught people to sing, and am now coaching and mentoring others to take the start living their lives in tune with their gifts!

Of course, I also worked hard and invested a lot in myself with some of the best mentors, coaches and healers in the industry helping me to make my transition.

I want to help you to make your transition to living your life in tune with your gifts in a much shorter period of time and without costing you the tens of thousands that I spent in figuring it all out!


Check out the video below and learn how I changed my tune and swapped from a  job as a dental assistant into a life of Bliss as a worldwide session singer and now an Transformational Coach & Mentor


By the end of this programme you will:SIYS coaching Shiela one to one

  • Have a complete understanding and awareness of what is blocking you from moving forward and why mindset is crucial to a successful career & life using your unique gifts
  • Develop the confidence to step into the next level of your unique career and new way of life
  • Learn how to tap into your own inner wisdom and use it as your guide along your journey to your new life
  • Gain the confidence to get your first job, or up-level your existing work
  • Appreciate your value in your desired career, and feel confident in charging your worth, even if other's are charging less
  • Find the best way for you to go from day job to a full-time or part-time career using your unique gifts
  • Find your niche area  and maximise your strengths to create more success



What you will receive

Upon signing up to Change Your Tune, Change Your Life you will receive:

A choice of  weekly 30 minute Skype sessions OR bi-weekly 1 hour sessions OR a monthly 2 hours session


A 2 hour tailor-made one to one Skype Intensive throughout 90 days 


Face to Face One Day Intensive in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands where you also get to put your work into practise.


You will also receive these Bonuses 

You will receive up to 8 hours of Intensive Tailor-Made  Coaching PLUS the following bonuses:

Bonus 1: Lifetime access to our signature Step into Your Singing Stardom Home Study Vocal Training Program so you can avail of it in your own time , from the comfort of your home, hotel room or tour bus! ( over €4,500 worth of vocal training)

Bonus 2: unlimited email access to Nicki Shira throughout your 90 days, where you can ask any questions regarding your next steps into your stardom singing career and life

Bonus 3Access to our private members only Facebook support group where you can have support from other clients who are on programs and with Nicki Shira.

Bonus 4: 6 month's access to Molly Mahoney's Camera Confidence Course, using Facebook Live to get your unique message out to the world ( value €495)

Here’s How this Program differs from other coaching programs

  • This is your one stop shop for personal tailor-made support with your career, lifestyle and your voice PLUS getting your message out to the world
  • You will have lifetime membership access to our entire vocal training program which will help strengthen your voice, be it for singing or speaking
  • My full support with email, your choice of Skype or face to face intensive work with Nicki Shira, one to one and an exclusive members only Facebook page, where you can get support from others on the same program
  • Through our vocal training program, not only will you achieve your singing or speaking  goals, but you will learn how to become your own vocal coach
  • My holistic approach to life, treats the whole body and mind, so this programme will not only help you achieve your vocal goals, but it will also help you step into your stardom in your life, making you a more confident person and allowing you to live a life that is more in alignment with your true purpose.

My Promise to You  

If you work hard and dedicate yourself throughout our 90 days together, I promise to deliver the following:

  1. I’m going to speed up the process of transitioning into a career and life using your unique gifts, so you don’t need to take 10 years or 10s of thousands of Euros to figure it all out like I did.
  2. I’m going to help you to get more confident straight away, which will motivate you to not only take action in moving towards a desired career,  but will improve your whole life, your relationships, your health, your finances and lots more
  3. I’m going to give you ALL of the tools you need to fully understand your voice, train and fix problems with your voice, so that you become your own vocal coach and can continue to have full control over your voice, not just now but for the rest of your life and career as a singer or speaker
  4. I’m going to support you and open doors to you where you can be around the people that will support you and help you to make this transformation, so you will feel like you have full permission to pursue your dreams
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Have a complimentary 45min consultation with Nicki Shira to explore if this is the right program for you
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Check Out What Other People Are Saying About The Shira Alternative Vocal Coaching Method


I moved to a new city and didn't know any musicians. With help from Shira and her program, after only two months, I’m more confident and I have started two music projects and am performing around the city. Only a few months ago I thought it was pretty impossible and now I'm surrounded by music and I'm doing what I love.

I’m also singing better, without any strain, even after hours of gigging or rehearsing.

Plinny Phoenix
Plinny Phoenix International Session Vocalist

I have really enjoyed the coaching from Nicki Shira Byrne. She showed me my mindset needed to change to get to my goals.

I find when I do the one to one Skype sessions, she asks the hard questions and helps me find the answers I need.

I also decided to get a degree in psychotherapy with her encouragement. I feel like I am more serene in my outlook regarding money and gigs etc. I also have been helped by her regarding the fear of changing jobs.

So she has helped me all round with my singing and my mindsets for singing and life in general and I truly appreciate it.

Kristin Kapelli
Kristin Kapelli Cabaret Performer and Singer

I had a chance to work with Nicki according to the method developed by her and I think it is brilliant.

My goal was to start singing better, develop my range with a view of becoming professional. I can confidently say that Nicki helped me to achieve my goals.

Nicki's programmes are indeed holistic, alternative and individual attention is given to participant. She helped me to rearrange my repertoire a bit, experiment and try new things and styles.

I felt inspired by Nicki to make few lifestyle changes, including cutting back on work bringing me more balance in life. Thank you Nicki 🙂


Aga Kaminska Hobbyist Singer
Ionut Tecuceanu- Professional Busker, Dublin, Ireland

I had 17 performances in 25 nights ahead of me and only about 5 weeks to prepare. Being very aware of the demands I was facing vocally I decided to contact Shira

I got through those 17 shows with little or no vocal strain! This meant that I could do more gigs and make the living that I deserve, without compromising my voice. All thanks to Nicki Shira and her amazing program!

Kevin Doyle
Kevin Doyle Lead Vocals - The Elvis Presley Story - The Return of the King

I wish that I had discovered Shira years ago, back when I first started singing. I could have avoided a whole lot of frustration and pain! Every module in the video program is a new eye opener, as I discover more and more about my voice and understand how it works and why my years of trying to force it to work had been holding me back so much. I can't begin to explain the joy of singing without strain! Its also incredibly helpful to have lessons which make you relaxed, comfortable and, I have to say, are a really good laugh! Gone are the days of awkward classes where I leave feeling even more confused than I started, thanks so much!

Ben Hellings
Ben Hellings Lead Singer & Songwriter Long Dead Signal
Book a Complimentary Call
Have a complimentary 45min consultation with Nicki Shira to explore if this is the right program for you
Available while places last

Inci- Worldwide Traveller and Hobbyist Singer


Before I began Shira's 12 week intensive programme I was having difficulty with vocal strain and was finding that my stamina needed work. Especially while gigging heavily in cover bands during the summer months. I felt like I was doing damage to myself on a daily basis and needed to go back to basics in order to progress.
Since completing the course I have learned how to keep my voice safe and ready to work more often. I now look at my voice in a completely different way and have learned how to check in and be sure everything is running  as smoothly as possible.
Shira's method tackles not just the voice but the whole body and looks at the singers lifestyle in order to address problems and reach goals.
I found it very thorough and easy to work with.

Doireann Waters- Singer-Songwriter
Doireann Waters- Singer-Songwriter Squawkabout

Marloes Wesselingh- Hobbyist Singer- The Netherlands


The Step into Your Singing Stardom video programme was extremely helpful. The detail in which everything was explained was second to none. It's the true work of a real professional knowing full well what she's talking about.

David Cullen - Lead Vocalist
David Cullen - Lead Vocalist Element X

The Step into You Singing Stardom Video Program by Shira Vocal Coaching is by far the most relaxing and methodical singing course I've ever done. All in my own time and better than an hour's nap, or any Yoga.


Ivan McCloskey Hobbyist Singer- Ireland

Apply for a Complimentary, No-Obligation Breakthrough Session

If you would like to explore whether this program would be right for you, I invite you to a complimentary Skype call with me.

During this call we can:

  • We get to "meet" each other personally and see if we are a good fit to work together
  • Dive deep into your current lifestyle and discover what is blocking you from having your dream singing career and life
  • Gain clarity on your next steps to take to creating the life and career you dream of
  • Discuss how success coaching may help you to support you in stepping into a successful singing career and a life that is more in alignment with your gifts
  • If we both feel that we are a good fit, we can discuss options for working together, ONLY if you would like to. There is no-obligation

Testimonials from Step into Your Stardom Weekend Intensive in Dublin 2015

This weekend group Intensive, focussed on helping singers of all levels to transition into a successful career in singing and a life that was more in alignment with their true purpose

Book a Complimentary Call
Have a complimentary 45min consultation with Nicki Shira to explore if this is the right program for you
Available while places last

Check out what these people are saying about their complimentary Skype Call with Nicki Shira

Shruti Mogre- Healer and Coach from Pune, India

I really loved working with Nicki. Its like her authenticity pours out of her. She has this amazing quality of engaging and connecting with people.
And I feel that is a skill that not many people have..she takes you through step by step guided procedure which you can find in a high level programs..she gives you all on a genuine level.
I am really happy connecting with Nicki..and will definitely look forward to working with her again..if you want a genuine approach and someone who really cares for you as much they care for themselves to guide you step by step in your journey..then you are in the right she does her business not mere for selling..but with her genuine purpose for helping people by pouring out her feminine love,understanding and caring attitude.Also I am deeply fascinated with the power of words that she goes as if in your subconscious mind..and starts implementing things instantly..I cannot recommend her enough..if you want that authentic voice that genuine care..then you should definitely work with her because she cares about your success..and that my friend is very rare..she is a kind spirit..and I am glad I could connect with her..Sending you all my love and Angel blessings…

Shruti Mogre- Healer and Coach from Pune, India, Live Your Dream Life
Angela Durrant

I’ve only recently met Nicki, well she actually met me first. We were both asked to contribute to a website as top coaches in our field.

Nicki taught me something straight off before I had even met her. That reaching out to others is part of the game. She reached out to me and we met on skype and had an amazing 2 hour conversation.

I saw something in Nicki I really liked and wanted to get to know more. Firstly she was not some stuck up, guru type I know it all vocal coach (hopefully neither am I – but with so many claiming that title it was a breath of fresh air).

Secondly she was already doing what I had promised myself a few years ago I would do. Take my knowledge and expertise to a wider field. I got inspired listening to how she did it, and realized that actually I had most of the pieces but not all in the right order.

When we get to that stage it’s easy to give up, resigning ourselves to the “one dayers” – however Nicki is truly out to help other vocal coaches and not fleece them so they can do the same before they burn out or give in.

I for one am really glad she reached out and continues to do so. A lesson to us all to make time and space to work with those that inspire us and challenge us to raise our game as well as our influence. Thanks Nicki!

Angela Durrant, Vocal Coach- Wales
Johanna Lindgren

My name is Johanna. I have been singing alongside day jobs for over 10 years. In October I decided to quit my day job in a boutique and focus only on my singing and music career. I knew I had to do it but didn't know exactly how. I want to be independent and I want to be me!

I found Shira on Facebook and she was the support and inspiration I so much needed! After a long Skype chat with her, things just started to unfold as by magic! She gave me that spark and the focus that I have been lacking for too long. Now I am working with a project that includes a a big concert with over 10 musicians! I'm also building my own business which will be a platform for all these musicians (including my self) to get booked for gigs. I am buzzing with new ideas and new energy! Shira boosted my self confidence, She helped me with tips and ideas for my new business and also to stay focused! I can't thank her enough!

Johanna Lindgren, Owner of a Wedding & Events Live Music Business & Singer- Mallorca Spain
Book a Complimentary Call
Have a complimentary 45min consultation with Nicki Shira to explore if this is the right program for you
Available while places last